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Internet via Satellite

SATLink offers a complete satellite coverage in Europe, Africa, Middle Far East countries.
Beams are provided by the most important satellite operators, both in Italy and Europe:
Astra, Eutelsat, Telesat, RSCC, Gascom, Avanti

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Finally active the new Teleport Sielte in Catania

SATLink bi-directional communications via satellite

Sielte is a company active in two-way satellite communications, broadcasting or where the IP is that the uplink and downlink, satellite happen, thanks to the evolution of technology, are now solved all the problems that arose with the previous one-way satellite technology.

Never before has connectivity has become the first, important pillars of any economic reality, small, medium or large. Finally, even where it is the main carrier by land, with satellite connections will solve all the problems related to the “Digital Divide”; Space Dynamics branded SATLink, brilliantly solves all requests for connectivity, anywhere on Earth, on land and on sea, stationary or moving of any economic reality, from SMEs to large industries, the solutions for professionals who need an internet connection, stable, secure, (Always On) “always on”, the Soho (defined small business) up to private individuals.

Internet that has become a fundamental means of communication and business, offers the possibilities and benefits to which you can not give up, but sometimes, especially in difficult geographical areas, the traditional ADSL and probably will never arrive, with SpaceLinks you will find connectivity solutions, independent of geographical location, stable performance, vesatili and adaptable to any type of business.

Voice Over IP
Over the past few years thanks to the implementation of QoS policies and RTP (Realtime Transport Protocol) satellite networks have also started to support VoIP traffic with distinction, making possible such services even where terrestrial Internet connectivity is not available . Contact us for a quote and start saving on phone costs, we will find the VoIP solution that best suits your needs.

With SpaceLinks the internet is really satellite-based at last!